Sales Training & Marketing

Have you found that clients are shopping for furniture the same way they shop for office supplies? Does price dominate the sales process? How do you find a way to effectively sell on shared values, craftsmanship, and lifestyle?

Our customers become skilled storytellers who align their products with the luxury values of the time, translating the language of fashion, auto, travel and other categories catering to a potential luxury buyer. We will show you the methods used to create compelling advertising, brochures, merchandising by using the language of luxury that differentiates products and brands in the minds of your customers.

Well Accredited Consulting

We understands the link between employee welfare and business success. We partner with clients to create nurturing environments for growth, boosting productivity, morale, and competitive edge. We brings years of experience along with a Well Accreditation to bring dynamic insights to your organization.

Personal Branding

Do you represent your brand? Oftentimes professionals are highly capable of selling products or services, but it can be difficult to write and speak about one's self.

We work with designers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who need a new perspective on how they take their personal brand to the marketplace.