Meet greg rohl

I’ve been a member of the kitchen and bath community for over 30 years, beginning with showroom sales and trade media before joining our familie's business, ROHL LLC.  As a leading luxury brand offering faucets, fixtures and accessories, ROHL LLC was founded by my father Ken as a distribution, sales and marketing company. For 33 years, ROHL introduced European design, innovation and quality to the American market through partnerships with designers and manufacturers throughout Western Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and America.

In 2016, Rohl LLC was acquired by Fortune Brands and today is the foundation of the House of Rohl, a collection of luxury faucet and fixture brands. Having grown up in a family business, I’ve had the unique opportunity to wear many hats and experience entrepreneurial business from all sides. I’ve been both “chief cook and bottle washer,” presenting in suit and tie in the morning, and troubleshooting underneath a sink by the afternoon.

My creativity, appreciation for design and communication skills have contributed to the development and presentation of the ROHL brand in retail, trade, advertising, and PR environments.  In sales I’ve managed both territories and sales teams responsible for over 25 million dollars in annual revenue. I’ve worked with artisans and designers to develop and innovate products, and served as educator, spokesperson and story teller. As an owner and manager of Rohl, I helped define Authentic Luxury, and I remain a fan of and advocate for original design and artisan craft, in the kitchen and bath industry and beyond.

My vision is to see more homeowners enjoying well-designed spaces and products of enduring design and quality, more professionals who create these spaces enjoy greater success, security and respect. I operate The Rohl Model as a learning and guidance service to help design and sales professionals tell more impactful stories about their services and the products they sell.