What we do best

We help brands and sales teams find smart and creative ways to show how original designs and high-quality products benefit luxury buyers. Market forces are compelling brands to lower prices, while online shopping continues to help customers focus on getting a good deal. We believe that while this trend continues, brands are not helpless in fighting commoditization, and in fact, can realize greater sales volume and profit.

The approach is the result of over 30 years of experience bringing such products to the market, building a lexicon of luxury to communicate their value and tell stories that differentiated from the competition. TRM understands the challenges marketers and specifiers experience in an ever-more noisy and commodified world and looks to assist their clients in honing the skills and messaging necessary to both clarify their own value as well as the value of the products they represent.

Markets served

We specialize in the builder materials market, but our core competencies extend to any person or business that offers premium products or services.

Services would include:
assessment of current skills and messaging
Messaging and Positioning
product storytelling
Sales skills
Client satisfaction